Welcome to the Air Control Club

Air control club is our annual maintenance plan agreement- a convenient way to assure regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment. We encourage all customers to take advantage of this program which includes many benefits.

ACC maintenance plan provides AC maintenance in the spring and heater maintenance in the fall, you will prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system and save money in the long run.

Benefits of being an ACC Member

HVAC systems are costly and getting the most out of your equipment is essential. A neglected air conditioner loses its efficiency by approximately 5 percent annually. Without regular maintenance, your heating and cooling equipment could start to breakdown, or even fail.

Routine maintenance on your HVAC equipment accomplishes and addresses three critical issues:

  • Statistically, reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and mechanical failures
  • Enhances the longevity (life expectancy) of your equipment
  • Helps maintain your equipment at their peak operating efficiencies, thereby lowering your utility expenses.

Additionally, preventive maintenance enhances your system in the following ways:

  • Maintains clean filters for healthy air and overall system efficiency
  • Keeps condenser coils clean and operating at the proper temperature for maximum effectiveness
  • Reduces repair costs with regular inspection and replacement of belts and electrical components
  • Keeps everything running smoothly by replenishing lubricants and fluids

ACC Members Advantages

  • 18-point inspection
  • discounted service rates
  • 10% off on any parts or labor needed on a service call
  • 10% off unit replacement
  • 10 % off duct cleaning
  • 24-hour guaranteed priority service
  • 10% off and indoor air quality services.

Our 18-point inspection includes:

  1. Check and Oil Condenser Fan Motor
  2. Change Filters if Necessary
  3. Oil Blower Motor
  4. Lubricate Motor Bearing and Shaft
  5. Check Belts for Wear and Tension, Replace if Necessary
  6. Clean Condenser Coils
  7. Check Pulleys for Wear, Replace if Necessary
  8. Replenish Refrigerant Charge
  9. Replace Aged and Loose Wiring
  10. Check Stack Pipe, Clean and Tighten as Necessary
  11. Check Electrical Connections
  12. Verify Components Amperage
  13. Check Controls and Limit Switches
  14. Clean Evaporator Coils (additional if removed)
  15. Check Supplementary Heat (electric heat)
  16. Check Reversing Valve (heat pump)
  17. Flush Primary Drain Line
  18. Inspect Ducts

Download Air Control Club Membership form to sign up for a Seasonal Maintenance Plan.