4 Home Management Technologies to Use When Traveling


Homeowners in Tallahassee, Florida, may go on vacation more than once during a year. In total, vacation time can amount to a few weeks of vacation annually. Unfortunately, many homeowners worry about leaving their homes unattended for so long — and for good reason. Criminals can target homes for robberies and vandalism when homeowners are away, and controlling home energy costs when you're not physically present can be a common concern. Discover how remote-access thermostats, surveillance cameras, smart locks, and light automation systems can be helpful home management technologies for travelers.

Remote-Access Thermostat

Homeowners like you can use a remote-access thermostat to control the temperatures inside homes while traveling or away on vacation. With this type of thermostat, you don't need to worry about your air conditioner or heating unit wasting energy for long periods of time. Plus, you won't have to fear receiving a costly energy bill because you couldn't adjust your HVAC system while on vacation.

Extreme temperatures can ruin certain materials in the home. A remote-access thermostat can help you to prevent damage to your valuable possessions. Many of these systems have effective humidity control which is important in helping you to avoid issues with mold and mildew.

With home climate control in mind, you can control temperatures inside your home with your smartphone. If you decide that you want to change the temperature, you can use your smartphone to adjust the thermostat settings to control your home heating and air conditioning functions.

Surveillance Cameras

To keep your home safe from burglars, you can install surveillance cameras. Many surveillance systems allow users to watch video captured by the cameras on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Besides using these surveillance cameras to check the home for suspicious activity, you can also use some of these systems to communicate with persons who for example, might ring your doorbell. You will be able to respond as if you are actually at home. With up-to-the-minute monitoring, you'll able to notice any unusual activity inside your home so that you can take action to prevent further trouble.

Smart Locks

It happens to the best of us. You probably left your house one day and forgot to lock a door. While this forgetfulness can often be a risky mistake, forgetting to lock a door can be even more dangerous when you go on vacation. Since criminals like to target unoccupied homes, leaving a door unlocked can make robberies and other criminal acts more likely.

Fortunately, if you have smart locks, you can use your mobile device to lock your doors automatically. Indeed, smart locks can come in handy for homeowners while they're away from home and during their daily activities.

Light Automation System

To save money on energy costs, control when your lights turn on and off. To create the perception that people are at home, some homeowners make sure the lights in their house turn on and off while they are away from home. Not only does this activity deter potential criminals, but it also can help conserve energy in the home as well since you no longer have to leave lights on continuously. To make the process easier, you can install a light automation system.

You'll find several apps that will allow you to control when your lights come on and when they turn off. At night, you can also control when and how many lights will turn on inside your home. In fact, some light automation systems allow homeowners to set a schedule to turn the lights in the home on and off automatically at set times. With a preset schedule in place, you won't have to remember to go to your phone to switch on the lights or turn them off.

Home management technologies can not only allow Tallahassee homeowners like you the ability to save time and money, but they can also potentially boost home security and make your family feel at ease even when you're not at home. To learn more about HVAC maintenance and home management technologies including remote-access thermostats, call one of the technicians on our Air Control Heating and Cooling services team at 850-391-4300.

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