How to Keep Pristine Indoor Air Quality This Winter

woman breathing clean air

Although many people think solely of outdoor air when discussing air pollution, indoor air quality poses a far greater health hazard. That's because the same air circulates through the house over and over, picking up dust and other harmful particulates along the way. Throw in the fact that the average person spends approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, and this becomes a real problem. To exacerbate the situation, you keep your windows and doors shut to keep out cold air and prevent energy waste, allowing unclean air to remain in the home. However, you don't have to live with terrible indoor air quality. This winter, follow a few easy tips to keep the air in your Tallahassee, Florida, in pristine, breathable condition.

Consider a Furnace Tuneup

Because Florida has relatively mild winters, it's been a very long time since you used your heating system. During this dormant state, your furnace can suffer from neglect and become inefficient when winter arrives. To counteract this condition, consider getting a furnace tuneup from one of our expert technicians. This service not only provides clean filters for improved air quality, but it also reduces the need for costly repairs, increases the life of your furnace, lowers your monthly bills, and improves overall efficiency. With so many benefits, it's a service you can't afford to ignore.

Add a Humidifier

When the humidity creeps lower than 40 percent, it creates a number of problems for your family members and items throughout the home. With lower humidity, it vastly increases the chance of nosebleeds, respiratory problems, and other health issues. If you have wood flooring or furniture in your home, the lack of humidity causes cracking along the wood grain, which can lead to major damage. However, there's an easy way to combat this situation. By installing a whole-home humidifier, you can put your home humidity at the proper level, ensuring your family's health throughout the winter.

Try an Air Purifier

Another way to keep pristine air in your home is by purchasing an air purifier. Available in portable and whole-home units, air purifiers trap and kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other allergens which poison the air in your home. With these in place, you can rest easy knowing that many of the contaminants that cause sickness are no longer a threat.

Clean Carpets Regularly

Carpets are one of the biggest violators when it comes to trapping contaminants in the home. If you have pets, this becomes even more problematic. That's why carpet cleaning is an important aspect of improving indoor air quality. Make sure to vacuum at least once a week, and try to steam clean or wash the carpets at least once during the winter.

Eliminate Aerosol Sprays and Scented Candles

To give your home the perfect holiday smell, aerosol sprays and scented candles are popular choices. However, these items don't include warning labels that inform you of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that they spew into your home. In large quantities, VOCs cause breathing problems that lead to coughing fits and aggravate pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Instead of purchasing these, consider organic or natural alternatives. One way to make your home smell better is to simmer citrus fruits, herbs, and cinnamon. It won't pollute the air and will create a pleasant odor throughout your home.

Buy a Plant

Tests show that many plants effectively filter pollutants from indoor air while requiring little upkeep. Some of the more popular choices include aloe vera, bamboo, azaleas, and spider plants. Plants improve air quality and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With your family's health and comfort riding on indoor air quality, there's no reason to ignore it this winter. While you can complete many of these tasks on your own, other requires a professional for installation, maintenance, or repair. That's when you need to call Air Control Heating & Cooling at 850-391-4300. We'll get your system set up for the perfect, breathable air you want throughout winter.

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