How to Save Energy This Spring

thermostatSpring is here, and the Tallahassee, Florida, weather is perfect for enjoying all sorts of fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, with our warm, muggy climate, you'll need to use your air conditioning more, which increases your utility bills. Here are some easy ways to save energy and money and keep your home comfortable this spring.

Control Your Humidity

If the humidity is too high inside your home, you'll naturally want to lower the thermostat setting to get rid of the excess warmth. Using your air conditioner in this way will increase your energy bill. You can lower humidity levels using a dehumidifier to restore comfort.

The dehumidifier will also help to prevent the mold growth, rot, and pests that result from excess moisture. You can choose between portable and whole-home versions depending on your needs.

A portable model can only handle a room or small area and is less expensive. A whole-home dehumidifier that connects to your ductwork can remove moisture from your entire home. You should also use the exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom when you cook or take a shower.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can control your HVAC system even when you're not at home for Wi-Fi enabled versions. Set your thermostat to increase the temperature when you leave for work and lower it again about half an hour before you come home. That way, the house will be comfortable when you arrive and you won't have to waste money and energy cooling an empty home. You can program many models using your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to make adjustments from anywhere.

Use Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans will help you to save energy. They create a cooling breeze, that allows you to avoid lowering the thermostat. Before you start using your ceiling fans, make sure the blades are set to spin in the right direction. In winter, they should move clockwise to draw cold air toward the ceiling and move warm air downwards without producing a noticeable breeze. In the warmer months, set the blades to spin in an anti-clockwise direction to help with cooling. This effect works only when you are in the room. There is no point in operating the fan if no one is the room.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Regular maintenance lowers your utility bills by keeping your system running at peak efficiency. Before you need to use it, have your air conditioning system checked by a professional to avoid costly, inconvenient breakdowns. You should have your heater checked in fall for the same reasons. Check your air filters once per month and change them when they're dirty. Dirty air filters force your HVAC system to work harder, raising utility bills, and shortening the unit's life. With clean air filters, you can also keep pollutants out of your indoor air.

Make Sure Your Ducts Are Clean

Even if you change your air filters regularly, dust, dirt, mold, pest droppings, cobwebs, and other contaminants will eventually build up inside your ductwork and reduce your system's efficiency. Duct cleaning will improve your indoor air quality and lower cooling costs.

Duct cleaning is not something you undertake frequently. However, for persons with chronic respiratory illnesses, or if you live in particularly dusty conditions, you will likely need duct cleaning more than the typical household. To see if your ducts need cleaning, remove the register from one of your vents and inspect the duct with a flashlight. If you see mold, excessive pest droppings, cobwebs, dirt or dust, then your ductwork needs to be cleaned.

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