3 Things You Should Know About Ductless Systems

ductless cooling

Keeping your home cool in Tallahassee's hot and humid environment is no small task. A ductless system is a sleeker and more efficient alternative to a window unit and even has some benefits over a traditional central air conditioning system. If you are looking for a new way to approach home cooling, ductless systems may be just the solution.

Ductless Systems Are Ideal for Zoning

Cooling needs likely vary throughout your home, and ductless systems offer an easy solution. Many systems will support as many as four indoor units with just one outdoor unit. This is an effective way to minimize your cooling expenses if you spend the majority of your time in just one part of the house, or if there are rooms that are rarely occupied.

Ductless Systems are Easy to Install

If your home was constructed without ductwork, or if you have a new addition, the prospect of extending ductwork for the central air conditioning system could be overwhelming and expensive. A ductless cooling system allows you to enjoy the comforts of modern air conditioning without a major renovation. You typically need just a three-inch hole for the conduit connecting your indoor and outdoor units. You can place the indoor unit on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling according to your preferences or space considerations. You will be able to control settings with a remote control.

Ductless Systems Minimize Energy Loss

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as 30 percent of energy can be wasted as result of air loss via ducts. A ductless system eliminates this energy loss so you can cool your home more efficiently.

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