3 Warning Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

poor IAQ

You know what's worse than a hot home? Being stuck, sick as a dog, in a hot, humid, home. Does this sound like one of your worst nightmares? Unfortunately, it's a possibility when indoor air quality (IAQ) declines during the summers in Tallahassee, Florida. When indoor air quality declines, air conditioner efficiency declines as well. By understanding the warning signs of declining indoor air quality, you'll be able to preserve your health and the efficiency of your air conditioner. Here are three warning signs of poor indoor air quality.

Extra Dust and Dirt

One of the primary signs of poor IAQ is an increased amount of dust and dirt around your home. As these unwelcome guests find shelter in the corners of your home, they not only spread discomfort and illness, but they also put extra strain on your air conditioner. This makes it more difficult for you to get comfortable and reduces the efficiency of your system.

Decreased Air Conditioning Efficiency

If you notice that your air conditioner just isn't keeping up with your cooling needs, then it may be that your system is already being adversely affected by poor indoor air quality. This inefficiency may have come as a result of dirt and dust around vents (or the unit itself) or neglect to perform proper air conditioning maintenance, such as changing the air filter when needed.

Increased Allergies or Illness

Do you feel like you're sneezing more often? Do you wake up with a clogged nose and an itchy throat? If these symptoms persist past the regular timeframe you'd expect, then this may be another warning sign of poor indoor air quality. Dust and dirt in the air carry along insect particles, dead skin, and a whole host of other irritants that can lead to discomfort and illness.

You have to fight actively against poor indoor air quality as these contaminants are being constantly generated. For more indoor air quality solutions, or for help in with keeping your air conditioner efficient, give Air Control Heating & Cooling a call at 850-391-4300.

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