4 Tips for Improving the Cooling Efficiency of Your Florida A/C

Since cooling systems work long and hard throughout the hot and humid Florida summers, the time you spend to boost its performance will keep you dependably comfortable this summer. These four tips will help you improve the cooling efficiency for your air conditioner or heat pump, which will lower cooling bills and lengthen the appliance's life.improving cooling efficeicny

  1. Check the air filter monthly. When it's covered with dust, change the filter. Although the air filter may not seem like an important component of the system, it's your first line of defense against needlessly high energy bills and premature breakdowns. A dirty filter slows the airflow, forcing the cooling system to run longer to match the thermostat's settings. It can also allow dust to enter the air handler that could cover the evaporator coil, slowing the cooling process even more.
  2. Schedule professional air conditioner maintenance annually. These systems experience a lot of use during the summer and an HVAC technician can bring it back to its factory settings as much as possible. Maintenance involves cleaning and adjusting all  parts. The maintenance technicians check refrigerant levels, tighten electrical components and measure the airflow. These maintenance visits may turn up small problems that could escalate into a larger issue later. Having the ducts inspected may turn up leaks that drive up energy costs. Sealing the leaks starts improving cooling efficiency immediately.
  3. Ask the contractor during the maintenance visit if you'd benefit from a programmable thermostat. If family members are routinely away during the daytime, you can save money and system wear by keeping your home several degrees warmer when it's not occupied.
  4. Consider installing ceiling fans in rooms you use frequently. Moving air feels cooler and you might be able to turn the thermostat up to save money. Unless your ceiling has been blocked for fans, you may want to ask a contractor for help wiring and hanging it.

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