Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Efficient

Summer is right around the corner in Tallahassee. How do you plan to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency until the end of the season? Follow these five air conditioner maintenance tips for the results you’re after.

air conditioner maintenanceReplace the Air Filter

This is the single most important air conditioner maintenance step homeowners can take. A clean filter keeps pressure within the system at the proper level and lowers equipment strain, dropping your energy bills by 5 to 15 percent. Choose a filter with a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating and it will also help clean your indoor air.

Maintain the Condenser

The outdoor condenser collects dirt and debris as time goes by. Hose it down every couple of months to ensure proper airflow. Use a low water pressure to prevent bending the fins. If you come across any bent fins, straighten them with a fin comb.

Check the Evaporator Coil

This indoor air conditioning component becomes grimy over time. Improve efficiency by cleaning the evaporator coil about once a year. Applying a commercial foaming agent is the best way to perform a deep cleaning.

Unclog the Condensate Drain

As the air conditioner cools your home, it also removes moisture from the air. This condensate drains away, but if the drain channel becomes clogged, the water could back up and damage the equipment. Keep the drain clear by occasionally passing a stiff wire through it.

Schedule Annual Preventive Maintenance

While the steps homeowners can take without any formal training are important for keeping the A/C running smoothly all summer, it’s not enough. Professional air conditioner maintenance includes lubricating moving parts, applying a non-conductive coating to electrical components, testing the refrigerant charge, measuring airflow and performing other important tasks that require special equipment or training.

For more information on air conditioner maintenance, check out Air Control Heating & Cooling’s HVAC maintenance plans or call us at 850-391-4300 to sign up.

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