Tips to Maintain Your Active HVAC Warranty in North Florida

prevent voiding an HVAC warrantyVoiding an HVAC warranty can leave you financially vulnerable should your system need work that the warranty may have covered in full or part. Here are 6 important tips to keep your warranty active.

Register the Warranty

Because HVAC systems are big-ticket items, it's important to review the conditions for registering the warranty by asking your contractor and reading it carefully. If you're buying a home with a transferable warranty, ask the seller or real estate agent how to put it in your name.

Use OEM Replacement Parts

Using parts that the manufacturer hasn't approved or aren't original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can pose a problem for warranty coverage. The manufacturer has no control over the replacement parts' production or quality control process.

Proper System Installation

Having an HVAC system installed by someone without the proper licensing almost always results in voiding an HVAC warranty. These systems are complex and require knowledge and precision for proper installation.

The state of Florida requires anyone who works on these systems to have a current license. Additionally, choosing a contractor with certification by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) adds a measure of certainty that you'll get the best installation and maintenance possible within the HVAC industry.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

While your system is under warranty, the manufacturer will likely require that you follow a maintenance schedule to keep the system running as they intended. HVAC systems have components that require periodic cleaning and adjustments so all the parts work together smoothly. A lack of maintenance stresses the parts, contributing to premature failure.

It's important to change the air filter when it's covered with dust and keep the outdoor condenser free from blockages.

Keep Records of Maintenance

Ask the HVAC technician who maintains your system to give you a receipt that includes all the tasks completed and keep all receipts for replacement air filters.

To learn more about voiding an HVAC warranty and how to prevent it in your home, contact Air Control Heating & Cooling. Our team of qualified professionals have been providing NATE-certified HVAC services for Tallahassee, Quincy and Havana homeowners since 1964.

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