Regular HVAC Maintenance Is Important

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You should schedule an HVAC tune-up twice each year. Book one visit for early spring before the peak air conditioning season in Tallahassee. Book another in the fall before you hit potentially cold nights that may call for the use of your heating system. These regular HVAC maintenance visits are essential to the performance of your system, and also help to reduce your energy bills.

What's Included

During your annual maintenance visits, your HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your unit for any potential problems. He or she will tighten electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, clean the blower, check gas connections, and test the thermostat and other elements. This is when you can catch small problems like a belt that needs adjusting or a blower that is a bit loose. Making minor adjustments now can prevent major repairs later.

Your HVAC technician can also alert you to potential future problems. Spotting a possible issue now will enable the technician to make timely repairs that could save you from further damage or more expensive repairs. Acting proactively will also prevent any unfortunate downtime.

Perks of a Maintenance Plan

If you enroll in a maintenance plan, you will enjoy additional perks such as discounts on parts and labor during service calls, as well as discounts on unit replacement, and duct cleaning. Add this to the fact that regular maintenance extends the life of your system and increases energy efficiency, and you have a great money-saving plan.

DIY Jobs

While professional maintenance takes care of the more complex aspects of the job, you can play your part by taking care of simpler, more routine tasks. You should clean or change your HVAC filter regularly to improve indoor air quality and keep your unit in peak condition. Your technician can show you how to take care of this quick and simple task.

If you are overdue for a maintenance visit, don't hesitate, schedule service today. Contact Air Control Heating & Cooling at 850-391-4300 for more information, or to speak with a member of our qualified team.

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