Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Problems

As the weather warms up in Tallahassee, it's hard to overstate the importance of air conditioning. But the AC, like every other machine, may occasionally run into trouble, which is why it can help to know a few troubleshooting tips to try before calling in the pros. If you've got air conditioner problems, try these five steps to see if you can resolve the issue on your own. If not, contact the pros.

air conditioner problemsTroubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Problems

  1. Take a look at the AC condenser. This is the large unit installed outside your home. It needs airflow in order to work effectively. If it's become overwhelmed by overgrown greenery or if someone's piled objects on or around it, it may not be getting the airflow it needs. Clear everything away from it, allowing about a yard on every side.
  2. Check the heat anticipator. The heat anticipator controls when the unit starts cooling in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If it's not coming on until too late, switch up the settings. You don't want your A/C to wait until your home's already humid and muggy before it turns on.
  3. Locate the condensate pump, and check to make sure it's draining when water gathers in the pan. If not, the pump could be switched off or it could just be broken. When that pump isn't not working, humidity in your home doesn't decrease, and humidity can amplify heat.
  4. Check vents for obstructions. If you've pushed a couch or a bookshelf over an air vent, it's not just keeping that cool air from circulating through your home; it's also likely putting strain on your A/C's fan motor. Be sure that all vents are open and unblocked.
  5. Consider your whole house. Have you made any upgrades recently that would affect your HVAC system, either positively or negatively? Have you remodeled or installed new energy-saving features such as upgraded insulation or window treatments? If so, you may have inadvertently changed the appropriate sizing of your HVAC system, and you should speak with an HVAC expert.

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