Havana, FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

The small town of Havana, Florida is located just outside of Tallahassee. Hot, humid weather that is common in the town in the summer months can cause discomfort for area residents. The danger of living without a working air conditioner when temperatures reach triple digits makes it essential for Havana homeowners to contact an experienced HVAC company for air conditioning repair services.


Havana is a small town that got its name from Havana, Cuba. The Florida town’s roots in the tobacco industry earned it the Havana name. However, hard economic times caused early residents of the town to move to different cities in the surrounding area.

Business owners in Havana have been dedicated to maintaining beneficial professional relationships that better the entire community. The small size of the town has allowed it to maintain a small-town atmosphere that lets residents form life-long bonds.


There are 1,713 people living in 700 households in the town of Havana. Approximately one-quarter of households in the town include one or more children under the age of 18. Over 40 percent of households include a married couple.

The median age in the Florida suburb is 40. Median household income is $27,344, and the median per capita income in Havana is $18,481.


Community events allow residents to get to know each other better. The small town holds several monthly and yearly events.

  • A Battle of the Bands held in May acts as a fundraiser for the local humane society.
  • The Dog Days of Summer event held in August promotes the adoption of animals living at the humane society.
  • Sidewalk sales that are held throughout the year allow local merchants to showcase their wares.


National retail chains and small boutiques are available within Havana. There are larger shopping opportunities available in nearby Tallahassee. Governor’s Square Mall is approximately 30 minutes from Havana. Dozens of shops and restaurants can be found in the shopping center.


There are no museums located within Havana, but there are several museums nearby that offer residents the opportunity to learn more about the area without having to travel far.

  • The Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy contains exhibits that visitors can view before attending an event or art class in the center. Parties for children can be booked at the venue.
  • The Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee tells the history of the state dating back to prehistoric times. Visitors can also learn about the Native American population in the state and how early settlers established villages throughout Florida.


Havana is served by Gadsden County Schools. There is an elementary school, middle school and high school located within the city limits. There are also private school options available.

Air Conditioning Repair in Havana, FL

Dealing with the heat of summer days in Florida can be difficult when an air conditioner is not running efficiently. The experienced HVAC technicians at Air Control Heating & Cooling provide any air conditioning service needed to ensure that a cooling system is working properly.

Preventative maintenance plans keep an air conditioning system in top shape to avoid the need for costly repairs. Contact Air Control Heating & Cooling to learn how their maintenance plans and repair services can keep a home HVAC system running smoothly for the comfort and safety of the whole family.