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One Time Maintenance – Air Control Club

One Time Maintenance


Call (850) 562-1234 or Send Us a Message to Sign Up

Starting at just $95 one-time for 1 AC Unit

(each additional unit just $60 more per unit)

Our One Time Maintenance Includes:

  1. Check and Oil Condenser Fan Motor
  2. Clean condenser coils
  3. Check refrigerant charge & pressures
  4. Check electrical connections
  5. Check components amperage
  6. Clean primary drain line
  7. Check filters
  8. Check and oil blower motor
  9. Check and oil motor bearing and shaft
  10. Check belts for wear and tension, replace if necessary
  11. Check pulleys for wear, replace if necessary
  12. Check for aged and loose wiring, replace if necessary
  13. Check flue piping
  14. Check controls and limit switches
  15. Check evaporator coils
  16. Check supplementary heat (electrical heat)
  17. Check reversing valve (heat pump)
  18. Duct inspection