Top 6 Ways to Cool Your Bonus Room

bonus room

Although a bonus room can give you extra space in your Tallahassee, Florida, home, it can also be frustrating when it's hot. You may have trouble properly cooling it, even when the room is part of the original design. The location can be problematic for keeping it cool because of the layout of the home. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure a bonus room and every room of your home stay comfortable during the hot summer.

Add Ductwork to Your System

If you have a system with ductwork, your HVAC contractor will need to alter the current configuration to help distribute the airflow properly to your bonus room. Keep in mind that your current system needs to be big enough to handle the added air conditioning needs of the extra room. Your HVAC company can measure your current system's capacity to guarantee that it will suffice. Make sure to consult with your HVAC contractor before beginning construction if you need to expand your ductwork.

Mini-Split Ductless System

The mini-split system is one of the easiest ways to comfortably cool or heat a bonus room or addition to your house. These systems attach to the wall or, in some cases, can be built into the ceiling. These systems offer an easier and efficient way to heat or cool a bonus room without having to add complicated ductwork. This makes them a more affordable option. Their size and installation process require less work than the forced air system. Another advantage of using a ductless system in a bonus room is that the room will have its own unit and thermostat so you can control temperatures to your satisfaction without impacting the rest of the home.

Window Units

Sometimes you just want things to be easy, and if you're looking for an affordable and quick solution, window units for the summer fit the bill. If it's only a small room, sometimes it's more economical just to use a window unit and turn it on only when you're using the room. A ceiling fan can help keep the air circulating in the space as well. But, make sure you only use it when you're in the room, as it only makes you feel cool without actually dropping the room's temperature.

Thoughtful Landscaping

For rooms at the ground level, if you don't want to waste energy cooling down your bonus room, consider thoughtful landscaping to keep the room naturally cool. Plant shade trees along the side of your house to help keep the sun from beating down on your home and making it hotter. Vines and ivy along the side of your house also work to keep it cool by shading the home from the hot sun during the summer. If your bonus room faces south, also consider awnings for your windows to give them more shade. Remember also to make good use of your window treatments. Shades, blinds, and curtains can go a long way toward reducing heat gain.

Add Insulation

If your bonus room is above the garage or in the attic, your solution could be as simple as adding more insulation. Many times, bonus rooms lack proper insulation in the knee walls. If your room is in the attic, your knee walls are under the rafters and are typically shortened, connecting to the slanted walls under the roof. If you don't have enough insulation, your bonus room will feel especially hot in the summer. Call in a contractor to check your insulation, and have them add extra if necessary.

If you are thinking about adding a bonus room to your home or you have one that doesn't seem to get quite cool enough, we are here to help. Make sure you call Air Control Heating & Cooling at 850-391-4300 to speak with an experienced professional and schedule your appointment today.

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